Solresor is one of the leading charter operators in Sweden and offers traditional charter destinations around the Mediterranean Sea as well aslong-distance touring with scheduled flights to exotic countries around the world. Solresor is the only Swedish tour operator offering trips to the Portuguese Azores archipelago, the Sultanate of Oman and the Costa de Almeria in Andalusia, Spain. Moreover Solresor has the widest range in the United Arab Emirates. Ahead of the summer season 2014, Solresor launched five news - Istria in Croatia, Costa de la Luz in southern Spain, Algarve in Portugal, and the islands of Zakynthos, Greece and Sicily, Italy. For three of these news, Solresor is the only the Swedish tour operator; Istria, Costa de la Luz and the Algarve.


The round trip program is developed and expanded constantly and is offered with both charter and scheduled flights. The trips are filled with great experiences, local proximity and a high degree of culture and history. Several tours ends with a relaxing sun- and bath stay. Swedish route guidance is always included. Solresor offers tours in South Africa, Kenya, Myanmar, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

Solresor Premium

Customized travel with included excursions for those who like to enjoy life and wants a diverse and comprehensive program within safe limits. On these group tours are all welcome - whether you are traveling alone or in the company of others. Solresor Premium is offered at several of Solresor destinations.

Solresor Training Tours

Solresor has arranged training tours since 2005 and were thus the first charter organizer who snatched up the growing trend of combining vacation and training in a pleasant climate. Solresor offers training trips with various themes to both summer and winter destinations. Travel with the family, a sibling, a friend or even yourself?

Solresor Golf

Solresor has an extensive golf program in many of their destinations. Solresor offers affordable golf packages on very well maintained courses, among others in the Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Costa de Almeria, the Algarve and Costa de la Luz.

Facts about Solresor

Solresor started in 1989 and thus celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2014! In 2013 Solresor had a turnover over 1.6 billion excluding the subsidiary Solia. Every year about 150 000 travelers are on vacation with Solresor. The company holds, since 2004, reviewed AAA top credit rating.


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